Meet Steve: The Tech-Involved LOB Persona [Download]

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Lucas Watson, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Intuit

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Meet Steve: The Tech-Involved LOB Persona [Download]

IDG | Jan 20, 2017
Category: Research


Tech-Involved Line of Business (LOB) decision-makers are complex individuals.

IDG's global study explores:

  • The role of Tech-Involved LOB in the purchase of IT products and services
  • Tech-Involved LOB content consumption and needs
  • Tech-Involved LOB emotional drivers

Tech-Involved LOB directly influence 38% of annual IT budgets. Therefore, understanding Tech-Involved LOB is key to an effective marketing strategy. IDG has developed a snapshot of the Tech-Involved LOB persona from the global research to help you successfully engage with IT and Tech-Involved LOB. 

Download the Tech-Involved LOB Persona Snapshot.


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