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Meet Steve: The Tech-Involved LOB Persona [Download]

Tech-Involved Line of Business (LOB) decision-makers are complex individuals.


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Global media companies – or any global company, for that matter – face a complex set of challenges when they try to equitably invest at the local, regional and global levels.

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We were promised flying cars.

Category:  Tech Perspectives

Looking to improve your account-based marketing and overall demand generation efforts, but don't know where to start? Watch highlights from the Driving Demand Generation Success panel...

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Lifecycle marketing improves customer experience, drives growth and creates loyalty.

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Bigger isn’t always better.

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The Power of Insights
Jul 8, 2016

Companies focusing on customer experience as a key differentiator are able to stand apart in a sea of sameness. Lately, I’ve been intrigued by the insights that come from this focus on the...

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I’ve had the good fortune of speaking to a number of business and marketing leaders from startups and established companies to discuss how they are driving growth and change in their...

Category:  Tech Perspectives
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