Using Empathy and Authenticity to Fuel B2B Marketing

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Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO, Informatica

As Informatica completes their recent brand relaunch, EVP & CMO, Sally Jenkins, sits down

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Using Empathy and Authenticity to Fuel B2B Marketing

Josh London | Mar 23, 2016
Category: Tech Perspectives

I’ve had the good fortune of speaking to a number of business and marketing leaders from startups and established companies to discuss how they are driving growth and change in their organizations. You can see some of our latest conversations here.

A few key themes continue to emerge throughout our dialogue related to the art and science of modern marketing.

On the art side, empathy and authenticity, once anathema in the context of B2B marketing, is a topic that continues to come up in most of my conversations with marketing leaders. It only makes sense. After all, no one is targeting an army of automatons making multimillion dollar buying decisions on behalf of businesses. We’re marketing products and services to other people. People with large and small needs to solve on behalf of their companies.

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