Tech Leaders & Tech Marketers Agree: Attending Events is Time Well Spent [Video]

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Tech Leaders & Tech Marketers Agree: Attending Events is Time Well Spent [Video]

IDG | Nov 15, 2017

Face-to-face events create an educational environment for networking with peers and vendors, as well as overall knowledge sharing. According to IDG’s 2017 IDG Customer Engagement research, the top 3 reasons tech leaders attend events are to explore new products, meet new vendors and learn about their solutions, as well as ask questions of existing vendors. So, it’s not surprising that 83% of tech leaders attend events with vendor networking opportunities. 

Engagement is not the only reason marketers also like events. Research shows that tech marketers consider events the most effective content marketing tactic¹.

Four leading CMOs share their best practices for successful events in this IDG CMO Perspectives supercut video:  Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO, Informatica; Tim Minahan, SVP & CMO, Citrix; Christopher Powell, CMO, Commvault; and Sara Spivey, CMO, Bazaarvoice.


Put these tips into practice, check out the 2018 IDG Event Calendar



¹Source: 2016 CMI & MarketingProfs Content Marketing Survey

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