Christopher Powell, CMO, Commvault

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Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO, Informatica

As Informatica completes their recent brand relaunch, EVP & CMO, Sally Jenkins, sits down

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Christopher Powell, CMO, Commvault

IDG | Aug 24, 2017

Christopher Powell, CMO of Commvault, discusses how Commvault helps customers become experts with their data, the importance of A/B testing, approaching the buyer's journey in the age of "content shock," what to consider when measuring engagement and how to get the most out of face-to-face events.

Christopher Powell, CMO, Commvault 

Hear Christopher's perspectives on: 
  • Why A/B testing is important for your messaging. (0:47)

  • "Content shock" and its impact on reaching your target audience. (1:51)

  • How Commvault measures engagement and why you should avoid measuring pipeline and revenue impact too soon. (2:32)

  • The four things you need to do in order to maximize your face-to-face events. (3:50)

  • The metric Commvault uses to measure the success of a face-to-face event. (4:36)

  • Podcast recommendations for marketers. (4:59) 


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