Sean Ford, SVP & CMO, LogMeIn

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Sean Ford, SVP & CMO, LogMeIn

IDG | Nov 16, 2017

LogMeIn CMO, Sean Ford, sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss LogMeIn's focus on digital transformation for the coming year, how he's leading his team through times of industry change, and how LogMeIn is elevating the modern workforce.


Highlights from the Conversation:
  • LogMeIn's legacy as a SaaS company and elevating the modern workforce. (0:12)

  • Why technology companies should think of themselves as relationship companies.  (0:53)

  • How LogMeIn is utilizing predictive technologies to enhance their marketing strategy. (2:04)

  • LogMeIn's "test and learn" approach to leading a team through times of change. (2:39)

  • How Sean's team is driving digital transformation at LogMeIn. (3:58)


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