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Meet Steve: The Tech-Involved LOB Persona [Download]

Tech-Involved Line of Business (LOB) decision-makers are complex individuals.


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Karen Walker, CMO of Cisco, sat down for a three-part IDG CMO Perspectives series with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share her thoughts on marketing at Cisco. 

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Clint Oram, Co-Founder and CMO of SugarCRM, sat down with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share his perspective on using content marketing to drive thoughtful dialog with customers and using intent...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Robson Grieve, Chief Marketing Officer at New Relic, Inc., sat down with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share his thoughts on marketing. Robson and Josh discuss how New Relic uses account-based...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

We were promised flying cars.

Category:  Tech Perspectives

IDG Research and IDG TechNetwork would like to better understand industry challenges and experiences with programmatic buying. 

Category:  Research

Karen Walker, Chief Marketing Officer of Cisco and Josh London, CMO of IDG discuss the art and science of marketing, the CMO’s evolving role and predictive marketing.

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to big data as a magnet is to finding a needle in a haystack.

Category:  Research

Looking to improve your account-based marketing and overall demand generation efforts, but don't know where to start? Watch highlights from the Driving Demand Generation Success panel...

Category:  Tech Perspectives - Events

Big data. Predictive analytics. Machine learning. We've all heard these technology buzzwords tossed around, but what do they really mean? To think clearly about the increasing role of data in...

Category:  Research

Lifecycle marketing improves customer experience, drives growth and creates loyalty.

Category:  Tech Perspectives - Events
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