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7 Must-Know Digital Advertising Terms Explained

So many buzzwords have sprouted in the digital advertising landscape, clarity can be hard

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Tech-Involved Line of Business (LOB) decision-makers are complex individuals.

Category:  Research

Global media companies – or any global company, for that matter – face a complex set of challenges when they try to equitably invest at the local, regional and global levels.

Category:  Tech Perspectives
Data is the global currency of marketers to deliver high-value sales and real ROI. The insights from data can identify purchasing intent, provide deep profiling and targeting and help personalize...
Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

As technology transforms work processes beyond the borders of IT, functional business leaders have had no choice but to devote resources to collaborate with IT decision makers to understand and...

Category:  Research
CES 2017 Coverage
Jan 3, 2017

Follow the conversation: #CESIDG

Track the latest from IDG's editorial and video teams at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, January 5-8th.

Category:  Consumer News - Events

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions and an influx of self-improvement suggestions.

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Content marketing continues to grow as a top priority for many marketers—with 95% of B2B tech marketers indicate they use it.

Category:  Research

Recent research conducted by IDG shows that technology marketers are looking ahead to 2017.

Category:  Research

Karen Walker, CMO of Cisco, sat down for a three-part IDG CMO Perspectives series with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share her thoughts on marketing at Cisco. 

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Lance Walter, CMO of Capriza, sat down with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share his perspective on how to successfully market in a new technology area and the role of the CMO.

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives
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