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Make Your Buyer Move: How to Add Rhythm to Your Marketing

An orchestra, when in rhythm, can bring harmony to life. Its beauty derives from the

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Insights on how predictive marketing can create new sales pipeline opportunities and more.

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

John Armstrong, CMO of Zettaset, sat down with Josh London, CMO of IDG, to discuss how Zettaset is currently using account-based marketing and customized content to develop marketing personas and ...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

The digitization of marketing and the customer journey has put the measurement of marketing return on investment (ROI) front and center. The pressure on the CMO and marketing team to turn their...

Category:  Tech Perspectives

So many buzzwords have sprouted in the digital advertising landscape, clarity can be hard to find. We're stepping back to take a careful look at some terminology and explore the overlap between...

Category:  Research

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, shares her insights on how predictive modeling and personalizing content has helped to improve Dell EMC’s marketing results and enhance the...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

Since launching Pipeline Activator from IDG two weeks ago, the data made available to subscribers through the service has evolved. This is because data isn’t static; it’s representative of a...

Dan Rogers, CMO of ServiceNow, shares his thoughts on the importance of metrics-driven marketing, the dynamic relationship between marketing and culture and how to utilize content to guide the...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives

In the 1990s people saw email as a somewhat novel way to communicate. Then the email blast was born, and public outcry led lawmakers to push back against waves of unsolicited commercial email with...

Category:  Research

Last week, IDG announced the launch of Pipeline Activator, a predictive intelligence engine that helps accelerate global sales opportunities from our customers’ most valuable clients.

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, discusses the CMO’s evolving role, the relationship between marketing and culture and how Dell EMC uses account-based marketing to better...

Category:  IDG CMO Perspectives
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